UNIQUE Italian Suede Accent Pillow


Or are you all of the above?! These exceptional Pillows with Panache will surround you with beautiful reminders of just how special you really are– or how wonderful someone else is - perhaps someone you love? 

Designed by artisanal leather designer, Ewa Tereszkiewicz and lovingly stitched in Poland, these beautiful accent pillows are meant to enhance the message that you are special! Scatter them to add the perfect dash of brio to your bed, cheer up your chaises-longue, or liven up your love-seat – each one is an instant reminder that there is no one on the earth quite like you! 

Elegant and whimsical, these chic, sweet pillows are made of the finest Italian goat leather from Milan, brushed velvety smooth, then emblazoned with glided silver describing your special èlan – or is it your eclát? Whether you are fashionably HAUTE,uniquely UNIQUE, an inspirational MUSE, or the sweetest ANGEL – you can embody your pillow persona in gorgeous shades of Spiced Hot Pink, Iced Midnight Blue, Whipped Cream White, Inked Ebony Black, Smoked Silver Gray, or Candied Soft Pink. 

Each pillow is approximately 7 wide by 17 long, the perfect size for any bed or sofa. Both the top of the pillow and the lettering are made of Italian goat leather; the body of the pillow is softly sueded, and the lettering is a bright metallic silver. The backing is fine gauge cotton, with a hypoallergenic batting fill. 

HAUTE – you are fashionably elegant, high-class, stylish graceful, sophisticated, and chic – smart, charming, cultured, and refined, yea and verily – you are champagne in human form! 

UNIQUE – You are distinctly distinctive, special and unrepeatable, uncommon, one-of-a-kind, remarkable, peerless, a matchless nonpareil that is exceptionally extraordinary, you oh so very rare! 

MUSE – You are inspiration embodied, creatively creative, stimulating and intoxicating, the, catalyst, of innovation, you spark inventiveness and ingenuity, and ignite flair, vision, and finesse – you are the artisté incarnate! 

ANGEL – You are a messenger of the good, the true, the kind, the honorable – all that is pleasantly pleasing, delightfully nice, lovely and loving, delightfully captivating – you are enchantment wrapped in endearing sweet loveliness!

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