'Cloud' Chunky Merino Wool Blanket

This gorgeous ‘Cloud’ chunky knit throw blanket is a super chic master piece that is unbelievably soft and luxurious, like any other blanket!
Our Merino ‘Cloud’ wool is environmentally sustainable, with 100% pure natural organic wool fibers - creating a safer and cleaner environment in your home.
Our ‘Cloud’ chunky knit throw blanket makes an unforgettable speciality gift!

As with all unspun wool there is an initial shedding phase. This is very minimal due to the process we use, but some shedding does still occur.  Like a good pair of new shoes, the more your blanket is used and some pilling occurs the sooner the shedding will decrease. 

Material: 100% merino Wool
Technique: hands-on & handwoven
Size: 30” x 55 “+ Plus fringes
Care: dry clean
Made in USA

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