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Dust & Sugar- Our Story

I enjoy travel a lot and in doing this I get to interact with people from many different cultures. Combine that with having been raised in an artisan family and you have wild artistic perspective bursting to be let free. That kind of exposure and confidence has so far led me to believing that I can create just about anything. My special obsession however, lies within the textile industry, my niche being decorative pillows.

The thing about traveling is that you see something really nice and immediately want to bring it back home with you. So that is exactly what I do. I see great weaving using strong raw materials in the deep of Africa or lovely streets of Europe and I fall in love. I know exactly how I’ll use it. So I carry the pieces back home or mark them for future purchases. My decorative pillows are made using hand-made fabrics sourced from all over the world. I design the fabrics myself and put together a great end product. This final stage takes place at my small studio based in Chicago.

I was raised around artists who attach meaning to everything. Most pieces in our house were carefully selected after strictly examining the materials used to produce them. Therefore, from very early on in life, I got to learn about textiles and leathers. For this reason, my company is committed to ensuring that every piece I design is unique and born from the best quality raw materials. I also spent time studying textiles in Poland. There I learnt about all the diversity that exists to be explored and come up with exquisite products that fit every individual’s taste.

As a mother of three small children, I have a full-time job of raising my babies, as well as a full-time job of using my creativity to live out my purpose. Starting this company two years ago was the most fulfilling thing ever. It’s been a platform that allows me to create and get to brighten people’s spaces using my pillows. Whether it’s a bed, a couch, an armchair or a decorative piece of wood such a straight bench, believe me, it looks five times better with a casual hand-made pillow lying on top of it.  

My store offers a wide range of pillows that you can choose from. Every single one of them is unique and made from very high quality materials from around the world. It’s a chance to own something absolutely special. So let us help you make that bold statement using our decorative accent pillows. You’ll totally love it!







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