About Us



Dust & Sugar is a luxury home decor company that focuses on blending beauty with designs that brighten moods and inspire all who view them. Our home decor decorations, accents, and furniture are functional pieces of art.
We believe filling a home with art and beauty is an important part of a holistic human experience because these things are uniquely human. Art inspires us to be true to ourselves and others while showing the world around us that who we really are. Filling a home with beauty is a great way to fill hearts will love, confidence, and clarity.
Our products are truly luxury items with artful designs. Dust & Sugar’s products are produced of luxury quality materials in Paris and Milan and New York. They are designed by Dust & Sugar’s founder, Ewa Vel. She draws her inspiration from her family’s history as textile and leather artisans in Europe and her travels to epicenters of design like Paris, Milan, and New York City.

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